About us:



Our company, GSD, was established in 1990 in Budapest. We have been dealing with export of small pets ever since, with cats and dogs in particular.

 Decades of international achievements in our dog breeding past proves that we possess the appropriate professional background in export activity.


Throughout the years, we have exported pets to several countries. These include:

Nigeria, Egypt, Italy, Belgium, Spain, Greece, Israel and Cyprus.

 We only use airplanes for shipping pets, because this is the quickest and least risky way for shipping.




We receive demands for good quality, Club pedigree dogs with excellent health and condition.


 We ship the pets with the necessary documents (PET passport, veterinary certificate, chip); the pedigrees are sent afterwards.

 Our most important virtues and expectations are correctness, trustiness and accuracy.

 We assure continuous good quality due to the numerous and excellent breeders in Hungary (on the contrary to other neighbouring countries); and due to decades of our personal connections.